Trade the Jeddingen Divergence Strategy (digital download as PDF)

what this is all about

This document describes a strategy that can be used as a fully or partial automated algorithmic trading strategy. Basically it is a strategy that combines several standard and some custom technical indicators. Of course a pure discretionary approach is possible too.

There is no rocket science involved and the reader will benefit in taking time to understand everything so he or she can adapt the strategy to fit his or her needs.

If your just looking for a strategy that you can start with and don`t have the time to dive deep into the details - go for it and play around with this strategy. You even can use it if you`re just started with trading.

I created this strategy having currency pairs in mind with at least one minor currency and focusing on the one hour or four hour timeframe. My favorite setup is trading 1H CHF/JPY, but I will point out other setups in a later chapter of this report.

Of course you can use this strategy for other assets than forex, you'll only need to adjust some parameters.

what to expect

You can expect a proven strategy to make money on the markets. It's a short (10 pages) but detailed description and will only contain relevant information.

what not to expect

This is no introduction to forex trading, there are other publications that fit in this category. I won't cover topics like money and risk management, trading psychology or the history of the foreign exchange markets...

This is no holy-grail money machine - you will not just push a button and start earning big amounts of money. You need to understand what you are doing and you need to adapt the strategy to fit your needs.

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This is an example of a sell trade using the Jeddingen Divergence indicator - and some standard indicators to confirm the validity of the original trading idea.

Additional examples and a detailed explanation on how to use this is described in my report "Trade the Jeddingen Divergence Strategy".